Play Android 6.0 Marshmallow Hidden Game Flappy Bird

In every release android have hidden game, likewise Marshmallow also have hidden game called Flappy Bird like Lollipop have. Slightly Designs changed in Android Marshmallow.

About Flappy Bird Game:
The Flappy Bird game on Android 6.0 Marshmallow does not include many features ,minimal control level game. A user has to move a small Android robot by tapping the screen, being careful to avoid Android marshmallow shaped hurdles.

How to enable the Flappy Bird Game in Android Marshmallow
Step 1: Goto settings and find the last option “About phone” Click the About Phone

Step 2: In the “About Phone” Screen, Continuously tap on “Android version” 6.0 until you get Marshmallow Logo

Step 3: Now just tap on Marshmallow logo, now you will get the Giant Marshmallow

Step 4: Continuously tap(min 5 times) on giant marshmallow, and then Long press the Giant Marshmallow icon. Now you can access the Flappy Bird Game
Step 5: Now tap on play button and you will get the count down from 3 to 0
start tap , play, Enjoy