New feature in Android Studio 1.4

Overview of Android Studio 1.4
In Android Studio 1.4 version there are lot additional tools to help the android developer. Android studio is the official IDE for android. day by day users of Android studio increasing rapidly. As increasing the users of android studio Google also give their best. likewise Sept 30, 2015 Google released the Android Studio 1.4 Stable version. It have the following Major Features compared to older versions. It will help to improve the workflow in day to day development life. Personally i am really enjoying the Android studio 1.4 , Hope You Also Enjoying New Version of Android Studio.
How to Download the Android Studion 1.4 Version

New Features in  Android Studio 1.4
Design Tools :
                    Android Studio 1.4  is used to implement the Material Design Easily. So any Developer can easily switch to Material Design. Following New Features are given in 1.4
  • Vector Assets
    • From API 21 we can use the Vector Drawables instead of Image Asset.
    • Vector Assets is used to decreases the amount of density dependent drawables that we need to maintain.
    • Vector Drawables gives the very sharp images regardless of the screen device densities your app supports.
    • In Android Studio 1.4 version  backwards compatibility for Vector Assets that means above API level 21 only support the Vector asset.
    • Android studio have great option for below API 21  , the Gradle(must be 1.4 or above) will automatically generate the raster PNG images for API 20 and below.
    • This means you only need to update and maintain your vector asset for your app project and Android Studio can take care of image conversion process
    • Way of Adding the Vector Image : Developer can add the vector image easily by following steps
      • Right click on res folder, and select the New and the Vector Asset (res -> New ->Vector Asset)

      • Now Click the Choose Button

      • Now Select Any one the Icon that you want and click the ok button

      • Click Next and You can see the output directories . Select the output directories  and click Finish. now the vector Image will be added to youe module
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  • Theme Editor
    • Editing Theme is simplified in New Version of android studio 1.4
    • We can easily change the colors
      • android:colorPrimary
      • android:colorPrimaryDark
      • android:colorAccent
      • android:background
      • android:colorForeground
    • This first version of the Theme Editor is focused on editing and updating the material theme colors (colors.xml) in your app project. In future releases, we will cover more attributes of your app theme and styles files
    • We can get the Theme Editor from top level menu Tools Android Theme Editor.

  • Project Templates
    • Android Studio 1.4 introduce the new Material Project Template. So that Developer can easily start with App design by choosing any of templates below
      • Add No Activity
      • Blank Activity
      • Empty Activity
      • FullScreen Activity
      • Google Admob Ads Activity
      • Google Maps Activity
      • Login Activity
      • Master/Detail Flow
      • Navigation Drawer Activity
      • Scrolling Activity
      • Settings Activity
      • Tabbed Activity
    • Android Studio 1.4  re-introduced the empty app template for those who want minimum code generation when adding an activity to your project.
  • Performance Monitors

    • GPU Rendering Monitor
      • Now Developer Can Quickly Inspect the GPU Rendering performance of App

      • To Enable the GPU Rendering Monitor in android Device or Emulator,  go to Setting → Developer Options → Profile GPU rendering → In adb shell dumpsys gfxinfo

  • Network Monitor
    • With Android Studio 1.4, you can also monitor the network usage of your app. With the monitor you can track the transmit and receive rates of your app over time.