how to Enable(Turn on) Google Now on Tap in marshmallow Android Phone

Google Now on Tap is the amazing feature in Marshmallow. It is used to Analyse the content in the current screen . and show the best informative result by just long pressing the home menu button. Pre Marshmallow don't support this feature yet.

Step 1: For Enabling the Google tap you need to have Google App already installed in your android mobile. if don't have Google app just click this link and install Google app
Step 2: Now long pressing the home button is enough to open the Google Now tap screen from any screen.
Step 3: If your using first time means you will get the following screen after long pressing the home button. In the below screen "Want help with any Screen Turn on Now on Tap" click Get Started as Initial user
Step 4 : And now you will get the Second screen as that screen just click the SET UP button.
Step 5: Now you are in the "Set up Now cards?" in that screen just  scroll to bottom and click YES, I'M IN.
Step 6: Now you will get the result in Tap. For ex I searched about Sundar Pitchai in chrome and then i long pressed home button  now it showing the result for sundar pitchai. Great Feature in Marshmallow
 If it dont have any appropriate result means it will show the Nothing on Tap screen