Useful Android Studio Shortcut in Day to Day Life that makes you complete Android Developer

Android studio Having very good GUI and also good shortcut keys also. We may aware or not aware of Shortcut Keys. But if you come to know about good shortcut Key, it will improve Your Speed in developing. I am Listing Some Important Shortcut Key in my day to day life. if you have any useful shortcut key, Please give comments your suggestion
Thank you.

Alt+ctrl+shift+s :
  • Used to view the Project Structure,
  • where you can the Modules available in the project
  • By clicking one of the module you can add the dependencies
Project Structure.png
  • Used to view the Android Studio General SettingSetting.png
  • Copy From History. It will list the words that already copied in the Android Studio.
  • .One of the Best Used shortcut By me.
Special Paste.png
  • Used to BookMark paticular line with tick mark can quickly viewed Later. Its moreover like Chrome Book Mark
  • Used to BookMark paticular line with Alphapets or number
  • Use to view all the bookmarked Lines
  • Used to Duplicate the Lines
duplicate line.png

Double Shift:
  • By Pressing the Shift button Twice you will get Search Everywhere Window.
  • It is used to view the Recent files
  • From the window you can easily search files

  • Are you typing the constructor,  Getter,  Setter manualy? If you say yes means this shortcut for you.
  • It will save your precious time while coding
  • It avoid the confusion
  • It will bring the context menu used to generate the following quickly
    • Constructor
    • Getter
    • Setter
    • Getter and Setter
    • equals() and Hashcode()
    • toString()
    • Override methods
    • delegate methods
    • copyright

  • This shortcut also very usefull shortcut.because as a developer we want to Use the exception, for loop, while loop etc.. for current line or selected block. but we hesitate every time type the same code. for this scenario android studio gives the best shortcut .
  • Just Select the lines from the editor and press Ctrl+Alt+T it will bring the context menu that showing possible sub menu like try catch, for loop, while loop etc..,

Ctrl+Slash (Slash = /)
  • Ctrl+Slash comments or uncomments the current line or selected block with single line comments (//...).
  • It will very useful when you want to leave the code for the future developing
  • Todo comments
  • You can mention any notes of the method    
and Ctrl+Shift+Slash
  • encloses the selected block in a block comment (/*...*/).
  • To uncomment a commented block press Ctrl+Shift+Slash anywhere inside it.     
Whole slash.png
  • This shortcut is used to bring the valid parameters of the method. But Cursor Should be inbetween parentheses of a method call

  • Ctrl+Shift+Backspace (Navigate | Last Edit Location) brings you back to the last place where you made changes in the code.
  • Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Backspace a few times moves you deeper into your changes history.     
  • Used to reformat the selected code
  • Used to view the List of Recently visited files
  • Choose the desired file and press Enter to open it.     

Recent Files.png

  • Used to complete any valid Live Template abbreviation if you don't remember it. For example, type it and press Ctrl+J to see what happens.     
ctrl J.png

Ctrl+Space :
  • Used to show the suggestion based on typed characters(Auto Completion)
  • By using this Shortcut you can easily select the possible code
  • One of most useful shorcut

  • When you press Alt+Enter to invoke a quick fix Option
  • Ex if you declare the String Variable and assign the int value, showing the error. at that time press alt+enter you can see the possible sollution.
  • Depending on the context, you can choose to disable inspection, fix all problems, change inspection profile, etc.
Shift + Mouse Scroll Button
  • Enable the horizontal scrolling with the mouse wheel by holding the Shift key     

  • Used to create the scratch files.
  • By pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Insert shows the popup menu
  • from the menu we can select which type of file
Scratch File.png

  • Used to rename the files
  • Select the file need to rename and presh Shift+F6
  • you will get the Rename dialogue

  • Ctrl+tab is used to show the Switcher window
  • Easy to navigate from one window to other window within Android Studio by pressing the Ctrl+Tab Continuously
  • Used to switch between the
    • currently opened editor,
    • Messages
    • Project
    • Favorites
    • Find
    • Run
    • etc