Googling by Simply Sending an SMS (India)

  • Power cut during a nail biting cricket match? 
  • New city, late night and you're out of cash with an upset tummy. Need to find an ATM, a doctor and a taxi service? 
  • Dread long queues at the railway reservation enquiry counter simply to confirm your seat or find the train information? 
            Don’t have GPRS/ EDGE/3G connection???

So what will you do if you need to Google something at that moment?? Simple, send an SMS
JGoogle SMS Search is the service by Google mobile for Indian users which lets them to search Google via SMS. For this Google provides a 10 digit mobile number 9773300000 for Indian users.

  • Text message your search query to 9-77-33-00000 and Google will text message back your results. Google SMS services work on every phone that supports SMS text messaging.
  • Google SMS Search will find answers for all your query. Now send all your queries to 9-77-33-00000 without paying any premium charges! SMS Search offers an easy-to-use way to type in free-form searches. No longer will your questions require complicated prefixes or a tight syntax.
  • Launched nationally, this service is available across all operators on both GSM and CDMA mobile phones. Give it a try by SMSing “help” to 9-77-33-00000 and don’t forget to save the number of your newly found friend (Google SMS) in your phone book!
  • Get cricket scores, Indian Railways train schedules & ticket status, horoscopes, movie show times, restaurant information and more all through SMS on your phone without paying a premium charge for any of this, just the price of a standard SMS.
Sample Search Queries


To get local business listings, enter the business type or name followed by a location
Sample Query : pizza Chennai or restaurants Adyar Chennai.
To get cricket scores, international and domestic, enter CRI. For scores of a particular team, enter CRI followed by the team name (ex: CRI India). For scores of domestic tournaments, enter CRI followed by the tournament name (ex: CRI IPL, CRI ICL, CRI RANJI). For scores of a particular team in domestic tournaments, enter CRI <TOURNAMENT NAME> followed by the team name (ex: CRI IPL Mumbai Indians, CRI RANJI UP.)
Sample Query: cri, cricket score, cri ipl, cri NEWS

To get driving directions, enter ‘directions’ your start address then ‘to’ followed by your destination address
Sample Query: directions Adayar to Tambram

Railways PNR Status

To get PNR status of Indian Railways train ticket, enter your 10 digit pnr number (ex: 2342345587).
Sample Query: pnr number

To get railway information, send

1. “trains Mumbai to Delhi” to know trains list
2. “train schedule 2926″ for train schedule
3. “train avail 1018 Bangalore to Mumbai on 31-03″ for seat availability
4. 10 digit PNR number to know latest PNR status
5. “train fare 1018 Bangalore to Mumbai in sl” for ticket fare. Business Search

To get local business listings
enter the business type or name followed by a location
Sample Query: restaurants indiranagar Adyar, Chennai

Stock Quotes
To get stock quotes, enter company name or ticker followed by the word ‘quote’ (ex: reliance quote) 
Sample Query: reliance stock

Commodity Prices

To get MCX spot commodity prices from markets, enter ‘price’ followed by the commodity name and optionally the market name (e.g. price gold ahmedabad, price oil) and to get futures prices, enter ‘futures’ followed by the commodity name (e.g. futures gold, futures oil).
Sample Query: price gold

 Local time

To get local time in a city, enter ‘time’ followed by the city name (ex: time London, time Boston).
Sample Query: time newyork

To get todays horoscope, enter your zodiac sign or ‘horoscope’ followed by your birth date (ex: aries, horoscope June 23 etc.).
Sample Query: virgo, aries, horoscope June 23

To see the latest news headlines, type ‘news’ followed by what you are looking for news on (ex: News tendulkar). Or enter ‘business news’ to get business news.
Sample Query : news , news big b

To get movie show times and ratings, send “movies” or name of a current movie and a location (e.g.”movies delhi” or “golmaal returns delhi”)
Sample Query : movies Chennai, Mama movie Chennai

Flight status

Looking for flight information? Enter the flight number (ex: it302, sg232)
Sample Query: it302


Glossary: help: Make it easier for (someone) to do something by offering aid
Sample Query: define inflation


To get weather information, enter ‘weather’ (or ‘w’) followed by a location (e.g. weather chennai, w bangalore).
Sample Query: weather Chennai


To get translations, enter ‘translate’ (or ‘t’) followed by the expression, ‘to’ and a destination language (ex: translate hello to french, t welcome to german).
Sample Query: translate hello from english to french

hello’ in English means ‘bonjour’ in French.
Web snippets
To get snippets from generic Web results, enter ‘web’ followed by the search terms (ex: web stanford university, web ringtones for phone).
Sample Query: web hubble telescope


Use calculator to solve maths problems, units of measure or currency conversions (e.g. 5+2*2, half cup in teaspoon, 70F in C, 1 dollar in INR, 3 USD in INR).
Sample Query :5*10/5-4

Calculator: ((5 * 10) / 5) – 4 = 6

1 kilo in pounds


1 kilogram = 2.20462262 pounds

Currency Conversion
Use calculator to solve maths problems, units of measure or currency conversions (e.g. 5+2*2, half cup in teaspoon, 70F in C, 1 dollar in INR, 3 USD in INR).
Sample Query: 5000 inr in usd

Currency Conversion:

5000 Indian rupees = 102.10500 U.S. dollars
Enter a fact-based question or query to get facts (e.g. what is inflation, india population).
Sample Query: GDP of India