Android Development Environment Setup Using ADT Bundle

          Most of the people are thinking that setting up the Android App development environment is complicated. But this Blog will show you the easiest way for start developing the Android application without any hurdles. 

         Android Mobile Application Development using the ADT Eclipse Bundle is very much easy. Newbies can start their Android Development Career from this ADT Bundle. No confusion great combination. Just download and open to start developing

1. Download and Install JDK

2. Download and Install Android SDK

3. Opening the ADT Bundle

4. Installing the Android SDK Versions

5. Create an Android Virtual Device (AVD)

6. Launching AVD (Emulator)

7. Showing the Android Emulator

1.Download and Install JDK
  • Visit this JDK 1.6 page
  • To download Java JDK 1.6
  • Click àJDK Download

  • ClickàAccept License AgreementàSelect Your Product
2. Download and Install ADT Bundle
  • Visit this Android SDK page,
  • Choose which platform 32 Bit or 64 Bit.
  • Before downloading the ADT Bundle you must agree the terms and conditions.

3. Opening the ADT Bundle

  • Extract the zip file -> Open adt-bundle-windows-x86-> eclipse
  • Browse -> Set Workspace Location -> Ok

4. Installing the Android SDK Versions

  • By Default Android ADT Bundle have latest android SDK Versions
  • If u want Install manually desire android SDK versions Click on marked Icon to open the Android SDK manager

  • Install the desire android version by using the android SDK manager by checking the Versions like(Android 2.3.3 ,4.0.3)

5. Create an Android Virtual Device (AVD)
  • Click on marked Icon to create the AVD

  • In Android Virtual Device Manager Click New… to create an AVD

  • Give the AVD Name, select the target version as shown in the below screen
  • Click on create AVD

6. Launching AVD (Emulator)
  • Select the Created AVD and click on the Start Button
  • Click Launch Button

7.Showing the Android Emulator

  • Now you are ready to develop and launch your applications in Emulator
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